The cockroach is probably the most detested insect pest for both domestic and commercial clients alike. We are here to help and assist with your Cockroach problem.

Problems cockroaches cause

If you see a cockroach it is almost certain you have an infestation and not a solitary insect.  You need immediate action and professional advice to ensure you don’t unwittingly make the problem worse.  The placement of a few sticky boards is highly unlikely to solve the problem and at the speed Cockroaches reproduce waiting will lead to a more severe infestation.

What you need to know

Cockroaches can cause serious issues that you should be aware of.


Cockroaches are responsible for spreading many bacteria including salmonella.  They cause a serious threat to health crawling across all surfaces including those in food preparation areas spreading bacteria wherever they travel.


Cockroaches are responsible for an unpleasant musty smell.  This is believed to come from defecating continuously and a hormone released by males to attract females.  Once established an infestation can cause an overpowering smell in areas they inhabit.

Large Populations

Once established you will require professional help to treat an infestation.  They reproduce at a frightening rate.  Once seen it is almost certain there are many more lurking in the dark places and nooks and crannies that they choose to live.


Many people try treating themselves.  However in our experience the chance of success is minimal, we are often called when DIY treatment has failed and the problem has become out of hand.  Cockroaches spread some of the most virulent strains of bacteria known.  So why take the risk.  We at South Wales and Cardiff Pest Control can access the problem and draw up a plan of action to have you cockroach free as quickly as possible.  Following treatment we can give advice on how to avoid re-infestation.

For a rapid response, knowledgeable, experienced service, call us straight away.   Remember with cockroaches your health may be at risk.