These pretty creatures when outside in their own habitat, generally cause few problems. But this is not the case if they enter our lofts!

Natural Habitat

There are two species of squirrels that inhabit the UK generally living in wooded areas, parklands and of course trees which abound in some gardens.

The Red Squirrel

These shy creatures are protected by law and in areas they may inhabit only live trapping should be undertaken.  Any red squirrels trapped will not be killed, but be relocated.

The Grey squirrel

Introduced from America in the 19th century the Grey Squirrel is now present in the UK in vast numbers.  They normally breed twice a year and enter properties usually through small gaps in the roof and soffits making your property their home. They will then nest in the dry, warm environment of the loft.

When squirrels enter a loft the first sign is usually horrendous noise which many clients report wakes them up early in the morning!  They can cause major problems and will gnaw electric cables, plastic pipes and may damage roof structures.  There can be significant fire hazard along with expensive repairs being required.

What can we do to help?

Squirrels are not normally aggressive but like any animal they will protect their home and young, and they may attack if feel threatened so it is advisable to use a professional company.  We will arrange to trap and remove the squirrel.  Remember it is illegal to release grey squirrels back into the wild and there are significant fines for doing so.

A squirrel in the loft?

To minimise damage call South Wales and Cardiff Pest Control for advice and a quick response.