In our experience clients reactions vary from being mildly concerned to being terrified.  We are able to provide a quick solution to your problems.  Ensuring you and your families are safe, during and following treatment.

The Dangers of being stung

Most people only suffer a localised reaction to being stung.  This will pass in a short period of time.  For a few people being stung can have serious consequences.  For a few a severe reaction can very rapidly develop. This can cause the body to go into anaphylactic shock and (although fortunately rare) the result may be fatal.

Always use a Professional

Every year we are called to jobs where prior to contacting us people have attempted to treat nests themselves and been stung, sometimes severely. A professional will have the training and equipment including protective clothing to enable the nest to be dealt with and minimise danger.  At South Wales and Cardiff Pest Control we have safely treated hundreds of nests over many years.

Are bees protected?

In short No, but we take all steps possible to ensure that bees are not destroyed.  We will always attempt to relocate bee colonies where possible and take pride in releasing Bee colonies back into the wild.


Call us at South Wales and Cardiff Pest Control for a quick response to treat your wasp or bee problem.