An ant infestation can be a real nuisance, normally living outside they have a habit of invading our homes, excavating any suitable gap between floor and wall junctions to make their nests underground.

The Community of a Nest

Most species of ants live in colonies with a Queen being in charge.  The worker ants leave the nest and forage for food.  Once the food source is found, the word goes round to the other workers. A pheromone trail is laid and the worker ants will follow this.  The food usually sought out is sweet and sugar rich.  This may be on work surfaces, possibly a drip of jam or a few grains of sugar, or food and sweets dropped by children (or adults!) within the home.

Once the food source has been discovered the ants will form an orderly line.  They will bring it back to the nest carrying up to twice their body weight of food in each journey, persisting until the entire food source is collected.

How can we help?

Although ants are thought of as just a nuisance, walking and climbing over our surfaces they are especially undesirable in the kitchen.  With professional help most species of ants can be eliminated. Some species however, such as the Pharaoh Ant and the Ghost Ant challenge even professionals and require specialist insecticides.  Treating these species incorrectly can cause the infestation to relocate and become more deep seated.

It is vital the source and access routes to a property are discovered, especially where ongoing issues with infestations are encountered.

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