If you have noticed bald patches in your carpet.

Larvae often called woolly bears on floor.

Small variegated beetles on window sills.

You may have carpet beetles.

These little beetles are a nuisance rather than a health hazard (although in very rare cases, an allergy to the hairy woolly bear larvae occurs.)  The damage that can occur may however cause serious displeasure, chewing its way through expensive rugs and carpets.

Is it Carpet Beetle?

The damage that occurs can understandably often be confused with damage caused by moths. It is essential to correctly identify the pest causing the damage and then treat accordingly, as different insects require different treatments.

Carpet beetles normally lay eggs in dark undisturbed places, under furniture providing an ideal place.  They will feed on any material containing a significant proportion of natural fibers.  Many people incorrectly assume they only affect all wool materials.

Treatment of Carpet Beetles

Treatment will usually be (but not always) a high quality insecticide applied to carpets and affected rugs.  Different situations may require different types of insecticides and treatment methods to be used.  We will as with all pest infestations always be pleased to advise on anything that is required following our treatment.

Do I need a Professional Pest Controller?

In the vast majority of cases, yes, we have methods, skills and equipment very few people will possess and access to insecticides the general public cannot obtain.  We strongly recommend you call a professional.


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