Most people detest flies, pestering us around our homes and businesses.  One or two are a nuisance but when you seem under siege by vast numbers things become worse.  But why are flies an issue.

There are many types of different flies, house flies, filter/drain flies, fruit/vinegar flies and cluster flies to mention a few.

Flies need to be eradicated.

Most types of flies are not just a nuisance.  They are a health hazard.  They land on and consume animal excrement, rotting meat and vegetation.  This spreads bacteria and causes cross contamination between the above nasties and the foods we eat.  This means our health is at risk.

Find the Source

In most cases the first thing to undertake in any fly infestation is to seek out the source.  There may be rotting vegetation or uncovered compost bins.  At Cardiff and South Wales Pest Control we find eliminating the source will have a positive impact on the problem.  In other cases it may be more complex and in our experience it is not uncommon to discover a dead rodent or bird is the food source for the infestation.

Cluster Flies (not thought to be a hygiene problem)

The reason cluster flies choose to infest a property instead of a neighboring property is not fully understood.  They normally cluster around the South and South West faces of a building in the autumn.  Entering roof spaces and small gaps in cladded buildings where they will then seek to overwinter.  As the temperature starts to increase in March and April the flies try to exit but instead of finding their way to the outside end up plaguing us in our homes.  The number of flies can be many thousands. We at South Wales and Cardiff Pest Control have had experience in treating cluster flies over many years in homes, businesses and government buildings.

We are here to help

Safe chemical treatment and traps are 2 ways to treat and get rid of fly infestations in homes and commercial premises.  We can quickly and effectively treat fly infestations at a competitive price.


For immediate service, a solution and advice on your fly problem call South Wales and Cardiff Pest Control.