Our Guarantee

100% guarantee if we don’t catch a mole you don’t pay.

A little information

Moles are rarely seen and live underground.  Evidence they exist are mole hills or tunnel ridges.  They are solitary creatures and only socialise during breeding season.  This generally starts March, April time.  They can produce up to 7 pups in a litter.  Their underground homes are made up of extensive tunnels.  They dig chambers where they can live, sleep and eat.  Although having poor eyesight they can detect insects and worms in close proximity.  It’s believed they work 4 hour shifts resting for 4 hours in-between.  During 24 hours they can tunnel 200 meters to find earthworms and insects they live on.

The problem with moles is they can cause land to become unstable.  We have even come across retaining walls being weakened.  Ground collapsing under foot can cause tendon and ligament damage to valuable livestock.  Also damage to farm machinery can occur along with root damage to plants and crops. Finally the spread of listeria is a problem that is associated with moles.

How we can help

First and foremost we do not use poisonous gasses.  We generally arrange a trapping programme.  Remember our guarantee if we don’t catch the mole you don’t pay.  Over many years we have offered a mole control service with phenomenal success and have clients who will confirm this. Don’t let moles become a problem.


Phone South Wales and Cardiff Pest Control for advice and mole a quote for our mole catching service.