Moths like to live in dark, enclosed spaces.  Such as wardrobes, under furniture, lofts, folds of curtains, cupboards and many more.

A basic guide to the two main types of moths

  • Textile Moths These include the common clothes moth, White shouldered house moth and Brown house moth, to mention a few.  The eggs are laid in places that have a ready food source.  The emerging larvae will eat any material containing at least 25% of natural fibers, causing holes and damage to expensive furnishings, clothes and carpets.
  • Stored Product Moths These moths include species such as The Warehouse moth, Indian Meal Moth and Mediterranean Flour Moths, again to mention just a few.  These can be a significant pest in warehouses, food processing businesses as well as retail and domestic situations.  They generally lay their eggs in stored foods.

How we can help

We will advise on the preparation that needs to be undertaken prior to us treating.

Firstly we will identify what type of moth is causing the issue.  We will then apply the correct treatment (insecticide) by whatever method we consider best, to ensure eggs, pupae and young are destroyed.  Following treatment we will advise on prevention techniques you can take to help to avoid future problems.

Moths are not difficult for the professional to treat but require the correct insecticide and equipment.

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