In our experience we find rats and mice generally cause more distress than any other pests.  We are here to help, advise and provide a quick reliable service for all our customers and we try to allay any fears you may have.  In food related premises evidence of a rodent infestation can mean a closure notice by Environmental Health.  Rodents breed very quickly, it has been reported one pair of mice can be responsible for up to 15,000 descendants in one year!  Both Rats and Mice pose a significant threat to our health.  All rodents spread disease and it is important for control to be taken as soon as possible.  Rodents, like us are looking for a warm dry place to live along with a food source which is why they enter our homes and businesses especially during the winter months.

How we can help you

Firstly we would stress the safety of you, your family, employees, pets and non-target species is vitally important to us and will be our first concern.

There are a number of ways we can help eradicate rodents.  Once we have fully assessed your property or business and its immediate surroundings we will be able to come up with a tailor made plan to suit your individual requirements.  The methods include the placement of traps, as well as the use of bait.  We may be able to inject inaccessible voids where rodents run with a high quality, custom made rodenticide.  We also have access to mini CCTV cameras to inspect inaccessible areas and a portable video camera and recorder if thought necessary.

It may be possible to solve your problem by proofing areas and this will always be a priority.  We will always look and advise our clients on what they are able to do to ensure their property is not attractive to these little pests so they can help to avoid further problems during treatment and in the future.

If you are concerned you have a rodent problem you should seek professional advice.  Call South Wales and Cardiff Pest Control for a free, no obligation quotation and information on how we can help.