Firstly it is important that clients who feel embarrassed they may have a bedbug infestation realise it is not caused by dirty living conditions or poor hygiene.  Bedbugs are not thought to be disease carriers.  However some people can develop severe irritation.

Independent reports state bedbugs are on the increase.  Many experts are telling us, with the increase of worldwide travel there has been an unprecedented rise in reported incidents of bedbug infestations.  They take advantage of planes, cars and ships to travel free of charge in bags, clothing, cases etc.  Although they will infest most parts of the house they mainly live in beds and bedrooms, waiting to feed off their hosts.  They are lured out of their hiding places when the Co 2 we breathe out reaches its highest concentration in the room early in the morning.  Being drawn to the source of Co 2 they then bite, generally feeding on our upper body.

Getting Rid of Bedbugs

Eradicating bedbugs is not easy and requires a Professional Pest Controller.

A bedbug can enter any space you can push the edge of a credit card into. 


The female can survive for up to 18 months on one feed.


Once you call us we will undertake a thorough assessment and come up with a plan of action.  There are a variety of options open including a non-toxic steam treatment, an ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging, (often referred to incorrectly as fumigation) and traditional chemical treatment, involving treatment of furniture and building fabric and fittings with a residual insecticide.  We may decide on a combination of the above methods and will advise on pre-treatment requirements you can carry out yourself to maximise the affectivity of our treatment.


So call us at South Wales and Cardiff Pest Control so we can start the process of removing your Bedbug problem immediately.