An insect infestation can be at the least a nuisance or may fill you with horror.  After discovering a problem is present you should act promptly to avoid the infestation getting out of hand.

How we can help you

We first need to identify the insect.  In some cases this is straight forward, but with around 20,000 species and sub-species it is often a job for a specialist.  It is possible to unwittingly make the problem worse in some cases by treating an infestation by applying the incorrect insecticide.

We have listed the most common insects we treat below, but as so many exist and can cause problems please find call us to discuss some of the other insects we treat:

  • Booklice
  • Silverfish
  • Stored Product Insects
  • Biscuit Beetles

Apply the Correct Insecticide

To get an infestation under control it is important to apply the correct insecticide in the right places.  Specialist knowledge is vital to ensure humans, pets and other animals are protected against the effects of chemicals. Failing to follow the correct procedures can be dangerous.  To maximise the affectivity of the treatment it is vital that prior to treating, the property is prepared in the correct way. We can advise you how to do this or undertake the work should you require.

Species of insects react differently to temperature extremes and humidity and many other factors.  This is why a professional Pest Control company is required. They will have access to insecticides that only those who are fully qualified can obtain.


Whether it is ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, bedbugs, carpet beetles, silverfish, moths, spiders or stored product insects you can be confident we at South Wales and Cardiff Pest Control can provide a cost effective solution to your problems.






Carpet Beetle